Emotions@Work® delivers unique and powerful programs that address workplace problems that can lead to low productivity and poor performance.

emotions at work - simmering
emotions at work - exploding

Using an evidence-based, emotion-focused approach, our programs are ideal for individuals and groups of people experiencing communication difficulties, stress and interpersonal conflict.

Emotions act as a guide to our needs and wants. They help us work out what actions are appropriate. A lack of emotional awareness can disrupt effective and productive relationships and lead to unnecessary conflict and stress.



Using four simple pillars, our programs teach our clients how to use their emotions to create more satisfying, higher-performing environments.

Our programs have their basis in Emotion-Focused theory, but are not a form of therapy. Instead, our clients learn how to practice emotional awareness in safe ways.

We tailor our activities to the specific needs of the individual or group in consultation with our client. We do not ‘present’, there are no PowerPoints. Instead participants learn through experience. That is what distinguishes our approach from others.