Emotions@Work® delivers group programs that assist people in developing awareness of their emotions and learn to better manage difficult responses at work and in educational environments.

Emotions@Work® programs use emotions as a starting point for changing behaviours. This is in contrast to approaches that focus on our thinking as our primary source of knowledge about ourselves.


Louisa is a highly experienced trainer, coach and therapist with a counselling psychotherapy background. Upon leaving the corporate world after a sixteen year contribution, she graduated with a Master of Counselling degree and trained with leading Emotion-Focused Therapy (EFT) practitioners in Australia.

Louisa brings to Emotions@Work® a rich and unique blend of skills and insights gained along her professional journey. She provides psychoeducational workshops to community groups, including teachers, parents and students. She has mentored and facilitated groups of trainee telephone crisis counsellors, specialising in suicide prevention.

Therapeutically, Louisa works with individuals and couples, predominantly using an Emotion-Focused approach. She also provides crisis telephone support to people presenting with suicidal ideation and acute mental health issues.

Louisa uses emotion-focused theory in her daily life. She is happily kept busy by Emotions@Work® and her counselling and psychotherapy practice.