Emotions@Work Group Programs

Emotions@Work® programs are designed to be most effective for groups of between 8 and 12 participants.  Groups can be made of colleagues from the same team, same department and/or different departments. Schools can also work with us to offer programs to parents or students (but not as a mixed group).

We offer three core programs:

The One-Day Program which consists of a morning’s introduction to an emotional approach to developing emotional awareness. The afternoon session applies the theory to the particular difficulties faced by the specific work team or organisation.

The RUME Program is a series of professional development workshops. Most people are ‘trained’ to solve problems by thinking about them but sometimes this simply doesn’t work. The RUME Program offers a new approach to emotional awareness in the workplace. Starting with the emotional experience of the problem, it facilitates the management of difficult emotions that have the potential to interfere with best work practice.

The Specialist Program covers specific emotional difficulties including: fear (expressed as impaired decision-making, reduced productivity and/or performance anxiety) and anger (expressed as interpersonal conflict).


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